Akonkosken Saha Oy

Akonkoski Sawmill Ltd is located in Töysä, Southern Ostrobothnia, and has been known as a reliable and flexible business partner ever since its foundation five generations ago.

Ålands Skogsindustrier Ab

Åland Skogsindustrier Ab was formed in 2016 through the merger of Ålands Skogsägarförbund, AB Skogen and Carl Rundberg Ab. Together the company represents more than 80 years of experience in the forest industry.

Ålands Skogsindustrier Ab currently operates two sawmills, one in Godby and one in Önningeby. At Godby there is also a woodchippingmill for cellulose. The two sawmills are specialized by different timber and end products. At both production facilities there is production of a planed wood and impregnated wood, at Önningeby there is also a retail sales of sawn goods.

Our products are sold both locally and are exported. We produce district heating from our bioenergyplant in Godby and green electricity from our windmill.

www.skogsindustrier.axRedwood, Whitewood
Höylätty, Kyllästetty, Pintakäsitelty

FM Timber Oy

FM Timber Oy is a privately owned sawmill group located in Central Finland. Our products include high-quality sawn white- and redwood. Our raw material is acquired from reliable partners located close to our production facilities.

Thanks to modern production technology and a skilled work force, our operation is competitive and the end products are of a high quality. Listening to the customer’s requirements is one of our strengths, and we value long-term business relationships.

www.fmtimberteam.fiRedwood, Whitewood


HASA’s facilities are located in Haapajärvi and Haapavesi, Northern Ostrobothnia, both with long industrial traditions. The sawmill tradition in Haapajärvi goes back more than 70 years. Plentiful, well-managed forest resources and a favourable location close to road and sea transport routes have created excellent conditions for successful sawmill operations. Today, HASA is a modern sawmill company with facilities in Haapajärvi and Haapavesi.

www.hasa.fiRedwood, Whitewood

Herralan Saha Oy

Herralan Saha Oy was founded in 1903 in Hollola, where it continues to operate under the ownership of the same family. Thus, the company has over 100 years’ experience of converting Finnish spruce. The present sawmill has stood on the same site since 1961.

Today, the company employs about 20 professionals in the forestry and wood processing industries. The annual production is about 30,000 cubic metres, of which over 90% is exported. The main market area is Central Europe.

Iisveden Metsä Oy

Iisveden Metsä Oy has been active in Iisvesi, by the Jauholahti bay since 1924. Our annual production is ca 100.000 m3 of spruce sawn timber. We are specialised in customer-oriented production. Our product range comprises mainly fix lengths, and also special dimensions. The main end uses for our products are in premium quality furniture and interior decoration. We are located in the finest spruce area of Finland, which enables us to offer a highest quality of timber for discerning clients.


Isojoen Saha Oy

Timber – a natural part of our daily life

We are a family business in Ostrobothnia, combining solid experience and up-to-date know-how in the sawmilling industry.
Our annual wood procurement amounts to about 300,000 cubic metres. This allows us to produce 11 articulated lorry loads of sawn white- and redwood every working day of the year, using our two automated sawing lines.

www.isojoensaha.fiRedwood, Whitewood

Jet-Puu Oy

Jet-Puu Oy, founded in 1976, is a wood processing company owned by the Jetta-Talo group that manufactures prefabricated homes. Over the years, the activity has expanded from sawmilling to further processing, including drying, planing, finger jointing and strength grading.

www.jet-puu.fiRedwood, Whitewood

JPJ-Wood Oy

JPJ-Wood Oy is a private, family-owned sawmill in Juupajoki in the Tampere Region.

We produce sawn white- and redwood in the lengths and dimensions requested by the customer, with the required moisture content and sawing method. Our skilled forestry division, together with local transport and machinery operators, manage all stages of a timber deal flexibly and reliably. The most important aspects of timber procurement for us are a high yield from roundwood, quality and efficiency.

www.jpj-wood.fiRedwood, Whitewood
Lujuuslajiteltu, Höylätty

Junnikkala Oy

The best northern timber for demanding customers.

1960-2010 In half a century Junnikkala Oy has been processing northern Finnish logs for the world's most demanding markets. With our customers we have grown into one of Finland's largest and the world's most modern timber facilities. Our customers are satisfied with the quality and good service.    

www.junnikkala.comRedwood, Whitewood

Kampin Saha Ky

Kampin Saha is located by the Karhijärvi Lake in Lavia, Satakunta. The site has long traditions of economic activity, as a mill was founded at the Susikoski waterfall as early as 1862. Twenty years later, a sawmill was built downstream of the mill.

Owners and company forms have changed during the years. In 1937, the company was bought by Lauri and Fanni Kamppi. Currently, the sawmill is a family business operating as a limited partnership.

About half of the company’s production is exported. The company is particularly known for long-term customer relationships, high-quality products and reliable deliveries.

www.kampinsaha.fiRedwood, Whitewood

Keitele Timber Oy

Keitele Forest Oy is a family run business founded in 1981 that has grown into one of Finland’s largest mechanical wood processing companies. The Keitele Group values customer orientation, sustainable development and efficiency.

From slowly-grown dense northern conifers, we manufacture quality products for our clients in approximately 30 different countries. Our biggest markets are the EU and Japan.  Approximately 60% of our production is spruce, and 40% pine wood.

www.keitelegroup.fiRedwood, Whitewood

Kieppi Sawmill Oy

Kieppi Sawmill in Mäntyharju stands amid some of the most beautiful lake scenery in Finland, with easy access to vast forest resources. It has good connections to the Finnish south-east sea ports, for example Kotka-Hamina port is about 130 kilometres away and Helsinki some 200 kilometres. Kieppi Sawmill produces Redwood mainly for the joinery industry. The most part of the production is exported.

Kinnaskoski Oy

Kinnaskoski Oy was established in 1971. It is a family-owned company located in Vilppula, Central Finland. The company has 26 employees including the forest department. Our annual production is 55.000 m3 sawn whitewood of which 80 % is exported. A typical customer is an industrial end user.

Koskisen Oy

Koskisen Timber Industry is part of a large family-owned wood products company Koskisen Oy located in southern Finland.  Koskisen Timber Industry produces spruce and pine sawn timber, planed timber and painted exterior claddings. Our services are available directly from the mill in Finland or via our own network of representatives and agents abroad.


www.koskisen.comRedwood, Whitewood

Kotkamills Wood Oy

The modern and efficient sawmill of Kotkamills Oy produces high-quality spruce products for demanding joinery and construction purposes in Kotka, Finland. High visual quality with good strength properties make our sawn goods an excellent raw material especially for profile boards, packaging and glued beams. Part of our sawn goods are further processed at our planing mill. For our sales network information, please see our website

Kouvolan Saha Oy

The history of Kouvolan Saha began in 1906, when sawmilling was started in Kouvola. The current company name was adopted in 1916.

We produce sawn and planed timber for both export and domestic customers. Our planed timber products include rough tongue-and-groove boards and siding boards, which can also be painted at the customer’s request.


www.kouvolansaha.fiRedwood, Whitewood
Höylätty, Pintakäsitelty

Kuhmo Oy

Kuhmo Oy is a dynamic, internationally operating private sawmill. Our modern sawmill is located in the city of Kuhmo -  in the middle of best raw material sources in Kainuu region.

Our commitment is in providing high quality products to match customer’s needs with full compliance with environmental sustainability requirements and certification.

Our product is identified by the URSUS shipping mark and products are delivered to Finland and more than 20 export countries.  Our annual capacity is approximately 370 000 m3 redwood and whitewood. ( 80% RW, 20 WW%)

www.kuhmo.euRedwood, Whitewood

Lapuan Saha Oy

Lapua Sawmill Ltd produces 75 000 cbm high quality sawn goods. Spices are spruce (picea abies) and pine (pinus silvestris). Main markets are located in Europe (Domestic, France, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, UK), Asia (China, Japan) and North African countries (Egypt, Morocco).

www.lapuansaha.fiRedwood, Whitewood

Luopajärven Saha Oy

Luopajärven Saha was founded in the late 1800s in Jalasjärvi, Southern Ostrobothnia, and for over a century we have been sawing timber on the same hillside.

The long tradition and solid experience of our family business, combined with modern technology and a skilled work force, form a stable basis for the production.

We produce high-quality sawn softwood for both Finnish and international markets.


www.luopajarvensaha.fiRedwood, Whitewood

Luvian Saha Oy

Luvian Saha Oy is one of the biggest private sawmills in Finland. Producing premium wood products for both national and international markets has been the founding principle of our operation for almost 40 years.

Backbone of our business lies in the Finnish forests and it is a matter of honour for us to use this natural resource in the right way. Luvia's extensive and high quality selection covers sawn products, surface treated interior and exterior panelling, outdoor cladding as well as numerous other plane products, catered for our customers individual needs.

Our own wood procurement amounts to about 700,000 m3 annually. The annual production is about 275 000 m3 of sawn whitewood and redwood (65% spruce, 35% pine) out of which 40 000m3 is further processed into LuviaWood products. We export 85 % of our production.

www.luviawood.fiRedwood, Whitewood
Höylätty, Kyllästetty, Lujuuslajiteltu, Pintakäsitelty

Mäntsälän Saha Oy

Mäntsälän Saha was founded in 1945 by Vilho Perttilä and Martti Viljamaa. The company was later acquired completely by Vilho Perttilä.

In 1952, the activity was expanded to cover not only sawmilling, but also planing. The 1970s and 1980s were a period of construction, growth and expansion for Mäntsälän Saha.

The present planing mill producing for export was completed in 1980. The main responsibility for the operation was transferred to Vilho Perttilä’s sons Asko and Tuomo Perttilä. Local sales and wholesale operations were launched to meet the demands of the surrounding region.

Today, Mäntsälän Saha is an expert of planing technology, with partly automated production. The number of customers and the scope of exports have seen an increase.

The third-generation family business is now led by Antti Perttilä.

www.mantsalan-saha.fiRedwood, Whitewood
Höylätty, Kyllästetty, Pintakäsitelty

Misawa Homes of Finland Oy

Misawa Homes of Finland Ltd was established 1994.  96 % of ownership is in Japan. Saw mill operates in Mikkeli in 2 shifts and employes about 35 employees. All produced lumber is sold to shareholders.

Multian Saha Oy

Multian Saha Oy is a family-owned company founded in 1952, specializing in high quality custom sawn timber products. Multian Saha Oy has decades of export experience and the production capacity in excess of 45 000 m3 guarantees that deliveries are made as agreed. Most of our production is exported to Europe. We work closely with our customers and pursue to fulfill any wishes customers might have regarding special dimensions, lengths and kilning.

Påras Oy Ab

Impregnated timber: Påras is one of the leading impregnation companies in Finland. The company has systematically invested in new facilities and equipment whose control, management and technology meet both current and future environmental requirements. The process quality is audited by SFS-Sertifiointi Oy, which has granted Påras the right to use the NTR quality mark.

Construction materials: Påras delivers construction materials to construction companies in the region. The wholesale and retail operations are managed partly through the head office in Kruunupyy, partly through the sales office in Pietarsaari. The sales of construction materials mainly consist of sawn and planed timber, while windows, doors, interior panels and flooring materials are also important. A close collaboration with suppliers of timber and other construction materials guarantees rapid deliveries directly to factories and construction sites.

Heat-treated timber: A new product for Påras is timber that is heat-treated in an oil bath (artificial ageing). Removing resin from the timber and giving it a beautiful dark shade, the treatment makes timber both durable and visually attractive.

Pole products: Påras manufactures a significant volume of wooden poles annually. The processing of poles is an automated and digitally controlled process which, combined with Påras’s long experience, ensures a high-quality product. In addition to large poles, Påras also manufactures small poles for hitching posts and game fences, for example. An important product group are roadway lighting poles, so-called safety poles, which yield on impact.

In addition, Påras delivers impregnated timber and impregnated poles and piles of various dimensions for Finnish and Scandinavian construction projects.

Pölkky Oy

Quality wood since 1968

Pölkky Oy is the largest private wood processing company in Northern Finland. The sawmills and further processing facilities run by Pölkky Oy are located in the heart of Finland's best raw timber region, in Kuusamo, Taivalkoski and Kajaani. Pine represents 70 % and spruce 30 % of our production. Pölkky also has a pressure treatment facility in Oulu.

The work is carried out using modern production technology and with a respect for tradition. Our modern, efficient facilities uphold the high quality standard of our wood products, today and in the future. Our company has forty years of experience in wood processing. Our objective is to provide our customers with exactly the products they are looking for.

www.polkky.fiRedwood, Whitewood

Södra Wood Finland Oy

Crown Timber Oy

Tiaisen Saha Oy

Tiaisen Saha Oy is family owned company in South Karelia, established 1950 and produceing  red and whitewood. We have long traditions to customer dimensions, lengts and qualities. We manage the whole timber chain from forest to our customers.

www.tiaisensaha.fiRedwood, Whitewood

Veisto Oy

is a private family business with strong roots in the Finnish forests. Generations of experience in timber processing have taught us to utilise forests economically, ecologically and profitably. To achieve all this, we have developed the HewSaw technology which is a proven solution for most sawing requirements. Continuous R&D ensures that our technical solutions are always at the cutting edge of the field.

Veljekset Vaara Oy

Veljekset Vaara Oy is a growing family business in the north of Finland. The company carries on sawmilling, planing and painting in Tervola. Our main customers are the prefabricated and log house industries, export customers and timber retailers. Veljekset Vaara Oy specialises in siding products, either primed or top-coated.

www.veljeksetvaara.fiRedwood, Whitewood
Höylätty, Pintakäsitelty

Versowood Oy

Versowood Group is Finland's largest privately owned wood processing group, an international organization and an innovative pioneer in the industry. Every year we procure approximately 3.3 million cubic meters of Finnish spruce and pine which we process into approximately 1,3 million cubic meters of sawn timber. In addition to the production of sawn timber and various further processed sawn timber products, we produce for example glulam, wooden packaging products, telephone and electricity poles, wooden bridges as well as pellets and other energy products., Whitewood
Höylätty, Kyllästetty, Liimapuu, Lujuuslajiteltu, Pintakäsitelty

Viitala Forest Oy Ltd

We are a family business operating in Southern Ostrobothnia. Our main market area is Finland. We mainly use small-diameter raw material.

Westas Oy

Westas Group Oy is a sawmilling company consisting of two sawmills, Raunio and Pihlava, in western Finland, with a total annual production of approximately 380,000 m3 of spruce and pine timber.

The company has customers in more than 30 countries. In addition to Finland, the main markets include Central Europe, North Africa and Far East. The Group has a turnover of around EUR 105 million and employs more than 130 people.

The Group's bioenergy company supplies local energy producers with forest residues and waste fractions to be used as fuel.

www.westas.fiRedwood, Whitewood


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